About us

Meet the team

Gungnir consists of personal trainers with a combined experience of 10 years, engineers, and athletes. We are determined to deliver products that exude both simplicity and quality, thus giving the best workout experience possible.

Our vision

A new standard

Gungnir aims to become the new standard solution for securing weight plates worldwide. We started in Oslo, Norway, as an idea for a better solution to a problem well known to many who use weightlifting equipment on a regular basis. We started working on a solution in 2018, and our determination to make our vision a reality has grown ever since.

The spear of Odin

Norse roots

“Gungnir” (pronounced “GUNG-neer”) originates from Norse mythology, and is the name of the spear that belongs to the god Odin. As you can expect for the weapon of a god, Gungnir is no ordinary spear –  much like our bars. We take pride in referencing a bit of history, while creating products that stand out among their peers.