The Pumper - 25 mm compact bar

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The Pumper is a compact bar that lets you secure your weights in less than two seconds, without any additional locking tools or mechanisms.

The unique clip-free design allows weight plates to be added quickly and easily. You can exercise with confidence, knowing that no plates will fall off during your workout. The optimal bar diameter and knurling reduces hand and forearm fatigue. Loadable with your standard measurement 25 mm plates, this bar makes for a great addition to the home gym or in group training.

  • Never look for collars again
  • No more collar costs
  • No more clips lying around in your gym
  • No more slipping weights
  • No hassle dealing with hard clips
  • Safer weightlifting experience
  • No extra collar weight
  • Compatible with all 25 mm / 1 in. hole weight

There are three huge benefits to using the Pumper.

Safety – Doing exercises without having collars slide off and cause potential injury. An unmatched safety feel that allows you to focus on what's important - your workout.

Efficiency – Quick plate transitions made possible with the built-in Slidelock collars. Perfect for supersets, dropsets or partner workouts.

Simplicity – No need to locate collars, there are 4 fewer loose parts to handle. This makes for a tidier space, less frustration, and no extra collar cost. Get rid of collars once and for all.

Bar use
Stainless steel
Bar Length
142 cm
Loadable sleeve length
20 cm
Mild / Medium
3,5 kg
Chromed steel
Sleeve Coating
Electroless nickel deposit
SlideLock Coating
No coating
Grip length
120 mm
Grip diameter 25 mm / 1 in.
2 years