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The Allrounder - Olympic barbell

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The Allrounder

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The ONLY Olympic barbell with built-in collars

Norwegian design and tested to endure the heaviest and toughest of workouts. The bar’s SlideLock™ collar system makes securing weights easy with 3 steps.
Lift. Slide. Lock.
The brand new Gungnir Allrounder 20 kg bar is designed at the highest standard of precision engineering. Its cutting edge SlideLock™ technology makes for a faster and simpler weight plate transition with no need for additional clips, collars or clamps. Systematically drop tested for maximum strength and performance, the Allrounder is a highly durable and solid bar, suitable for all uses.

Made with a 216,000 PSI tensile strength shaft coated in hard chrome, dual knurl marks and mild center knurling. The quality bronze bushing sleeves make for a reliable spin, and the snap ring design maintains optimal stability throughout any type of usage, from basic home gym workouts to heavier garage gym workouts and high intensity Crossfit workouts.

We are ready to rid the world of clips. Are you?

  • No extra collar weight
  • No more slipping weights
  • Never look for collars again
  • No hassle dealing with hard clips
  • Safer weightlifting experience
  • No more clips lying around your gym
  • Compatible with all 50 mm diameter weight

Slight changes may occur on the product before delivery. To the benefit of the product, only improvements will be made.

Bar Use
Bar Length
220 cm
Loadable Sleeve Length
415 mm
Center Knurl
Knurl Mark
Shaft Coating
Hard chrome
Sleeve Coating
SlideLock Coating
No coating
Bronze Bushing
Tensile Strength
Lifetime warranty
i Gungnir will warranty this product from defects in material, functionality and workmanship for the lifetime of the product**

Frequently Asked Questions

The Allrounder is an Olympic multipurpose barbell.

LIFT the Slidelock up by grabbing it on each side with your fingertips, SLIDE it up to the weight plates, LOCK by simply dropping the SlideLock.

Yes, all weight plates with a 50 mm diameter center will fit the barbell. There may be variations in thickness on different kinds of weightplates which at most will create a 4 mm gap between the SlideLock and the weight plate.

The SlideLock system is a patent pending invention.

Yes, the bar has been tested for all kinds of drops in correct conditions, with bumper plates and rubber flooring. We have done high repetition systematic testing in a rig with drops from 2 and 1.6 meters high with 90kg and 320kg respectively.

The SlideLock is made out of stainless steel, coated in Navy blue cerakote. A powerful neodymium magnet inside the SlideLock attracts it to the bar.

Medium knurl with a mild center knurl.

Gungnir will warranty The Allrounder from defects in material, functionality and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. Check out “warranty” section for more information**.

Scandinavia, EU and USA

Shaft coating: Hard chrome
Sleeve coating: Nickle


9 reviews for The Allrounder – Olympic barbell

  1. Fredrik Pedersen

    I was one of the lucky first who already got the chance to try out The Allrounder. I’m usually doing a combination of weightlifting and powerlifting in my garage, and the barbell itself has a good grip and spin for both uses. The locking mechanism is smoother than you can imagine. Simple and easy to use but at the same time rock solid. Great product!

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  2. Finn Magnus Holden

    The Tesla of barbells! Can’t wait!!!

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  3. Jon-Arild

    The allround bar was left to try out at my box and it worked really well! tried it aptly allround with some barbell cycling both light weight and some heavyish. Locks worked well and the plates didn`t slide at all! Besides from the bar being comfortabel to work with I like the fact that there are no additional locks needed, no tightning between sets, no running around looking for locks as the 10 second countdown has started on the wod.

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  4. Thien

    The allrounder works really well and the slide lock is so much easier to use than the collar! Genius!

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  5. Tio

    Allrounder stangen er helt fantastisk med det innovative låsemekanismen. Slipper å tenke på de “klypene” som løse deler. Her er det bare å smelle på vektplater og dunke på! Fantastisk produkt, koster noe men er en kvalitetstang man kan ha (og avskrive) i lengden. 🙂

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  6. Ole Johan Bjerke

    I’m lucky (and unlucky) enough to have tried The Allrounder multiple times now, and has definitely ruined other barbells for me.
    What differentiates todays cheap barbells from the expensive ones is often a series of incremental improvements that is – let’s face it – in many cases only recognisable to the most elite lifters. To me, an amateur/intermediate lifter, The Allrounder offers the quality of a top bar, but more importantly, something truly new and exciting with the Slidelock.

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  7. Chris Dotsicas

    Received my bar today and it truly is a thing of beauty! The knurling on the bar is spot on perfect!! The finish is a satin and it’s so damn nice looking I don’t wanna bounce it off the bench arms.. but the fellas at GUNGNIR just emailed me back and gave me a direct order to give it no mercy !! I must say it’s so worth the wait and money! I CANNOT WAIT for a set of 15 inch Olympic dumbells with this collar system!!!!! Very very pleased from the USA! Chris

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  8. Aaron Wood

    This is not a gimmick, this is innovation! The sliding collar mechanism works flawlessly, is simple, and the whole barbell is exceptionally well made. I won’t be looking back, that’s for sure.

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  9. Michael – Fitnessfabrikken

    As one of the first gyms to recieve this barbell, I can tell you that it’s definitely one you should check out and consider buying.
    This is not just a premium barbell with a functioning locking-mechanism. It gives your members increased safety, ease of use and helps keep the gym tidy with less springs and collars laying around!

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