The Pumper

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The Pumper

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A compact bar for home gyms

The Pumper’s cutting edge SlideLock technology makes for a faster and simpler weight plate transitions. The unique clip-free design allows weight plates to be added quickly and easily. You can exercise with confidence, knowing that no plates will fall off during your workout. The optimal bar diameter and knurling reduces hand and forearm fatigue, while offering a great grip. The standard 25 mm diameter allows it to be compatible with standard weight plates. While being a perfect bar for home gyms, it can just as well be used for group training.

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Bar use
Stainless steel
Bar length
142 cm
Loadable sleeve length
20 cm
Center knurl
Knurl mark
Chromed steel
Bar weight
3 kg
Shaft diameter
25 mm
2 years warranty
Gungnir will warranty the Pumper from defects in material, functionality and workmanship for 2 years. Check out “warranty” section for more information.** i

Frequently Asked Questions

The Pumper is a compact bar for home gyms and group training.

LIFT the Slidelock up by grabbing it on each side with your fingertips, SLIDE it along the weight of the bar all the way up to the weight plates, LOCK by simply dropping the SlideLock.

The Pumper bar sleeves are 25 mm in diameter, all plates with holes larger than this will fit. We recommend at most 27 mm hole diameter for the best training experience. There may be variations in thickness on different kinds of weightplates which at most will create a 4,5 mm gap between the SlideLock and the weight plate.

The SlideLock system is a patent pending invention.

The SlideLock is made out of stainless steel, coated in nickel. A powerful neodymium magnet inside the SlideLock attracts it to the bar

Gungnir will warranty the Pumper from defects in material, functionality and workmanship for 2 years. Check out “warranty” section for more information**.

No, the bar is not made for dropping and should be used on the Gungnir lifting mat.

US, Canada, Australia and Norway​

Anodized aluminium shaft and nickel coated sleeves.


1 review for The Pumper

  1. Siri Larsen

    The Pumper bar gave me almost a feeling of using an Olympic bar because of the good grip/knurl and the solidity. The fact that I can use a 3 kg compact bar and achieve that kind of feeling is incredible. The built-in locks are such a great innovation. I can see this will become the new standard 🙂

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