FitnessRoom, with three gyms in the Oslo area, is revolutionizing accessible training for all. With a focus on affordable and hassle-free facilities, they cater to a diverse group of members, spanning from young adults to the elderly.

Fitnessroom Gungnir


Now, their Oslo Center gym has gone completely Collar-Free, adding the perfect finishing touch. The Collar-Free gym setup at FitnessRoom features 12 Olympic barbells, one EZ curl bar, one open trap bar, and a safety squat bar, all equipped with the SlideLock. This not only enhances safety but also creates a tidy and user-friendly environment.

"The collar-free makeover at FitnessRoom in Oslo has been a game-changer. We aimed to provide a safe and hassle-free training experience for our members, and the collar-free equipment allows them to focus on their fitness goals without any distractions." Knut Georg Engebu, CEO & Owner FitnessRoom

Julian, the operations manager ads: “There is no question that implementing a collar-free gym with Gungnir has contributed to a cleaner and safer environment at the club. No more wasting time searching through the gym to find misplaced collars and no need to replace collars that are bent and deformed. It is also great for people that do not have the grip strength to open and place traditional spring loaded collars on the bars.” Julian Miller, Operations Manager FitnessRoo

Fitnessroom Gungnir

Informative sticker on Allrounder bar

FitnessRoom is known for its accessibility, offering self-check-in systems and personalized training options. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, their inclusive atmosphere welcomes all. Website:

To see the collar-free gym makeover in action, check out the video highlighting the transformation below

June 27, 2023 — Andreas Gundersen