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The only
Olympic barbells




Made in Norway


The Allrounder

Olympic hybrid barbell with SlideLock™

The Gungnir flagship 20KG Allrounder bar comes with built-in collars. The SlideLock™ technology makes for a safer, tidier and more user-friendly weight lifting experience. Tested for performance, The Allrounder is a highly durable and solid bar suitable for all uses.


A new breed of barbells

Norwegian design and tested to endure the heaviest and toughest of workouts. The bar’s SlideLock™ collar system makes securing weights easy with 3 steps.  

Lift. Slide. Lock.

SlideLock™ Benefits

What is a SlideLock™?

A new patent pending collar system built in to the bar itself. Designed carefully to be as strong as possible while giving the best possible lifting experience. SlideLock is custom fitted to every bar. 

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    No more slipping weights. The SlideLock will always keep your weights in place.

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    The SlideLock being always available, makes for a safer workout experience.

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    Save money by not having to replace collars every time they disappear or break.

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    No more hassle dealing with bent or hard clips.

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    Does not give any extra weight. Just the weight of your bar and weight plates.

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    Use any previously owned weight plates, the bar has standard measurements.

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    Keep your gym tidier by never leaving your collars lying around again.

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    No more wasting time looking for clips, collars or clamps.

The Lock beskjært

Tested for performance

No jamming. No slipping.
No compromises.

  • Systematically tested in a rig with drops from 2 and 1.6 meters high with 90 kg and 320 kg respectively.

  • Tested in all kinds of exercises, it is designed to withstand the heaviest and toughest of workouts.

  • Quality bronze bushings with pockets to hold the lubricant, for a reliable spin and for reducing the need for maintenance.

  • High calibre titanium SlideLocks™ that don’t jam, stick or bend.

  • Made with a 216,000 PSI tensile strength shaft coated in matte hard chrome, dual knurl marks and mild center knurling.

  • The snap ring design maintains optimal stability throughout any type of usage, from basic home gym workouts to heavier garage gym workouts and high intensity Crossfit workouts.
Standard hybrid barbells vs. Gungnir Allrounder
VS allrounder mobil
  • Olympic hybrid barbells
    gungnir logo Allrounder
  • Specifications
  • Standard Olympic bar dimensions*
  • 190k PSI tensile strength or above
  • Bushing
  • Multipurpose
  • Built-in collars for securing weights
  • Safety collars
  • Secure weights in under 2 seconds
  • Collar costs included in price
  • Non-slipping collars
  • No extra collar weight
  • Never look for collars again

* Standard Olympic bar dimensions: 20 kg, 220 cm length, 28 mm grip, 50 mm loadable and rotatable sleeves.


The Pumper Package

Pumper bar, weights and mat

An ideal weightlifting experience for your home. Fold out the mat and load the Pumper bar with floor friendly weight plates.

Full body workouts at home

Put together to give you a solid set of equipment for your home workouts. The Pumper Package offers a wide variety of possibilities, while making sure you can work out without damaging or scratching your floors.

What your
living room
is missing


The Pumper

Compact bar with SlideLock™

Our most versatile bar with SlideLock™.  An ideal bar for working out at home.


Perfect for home gyms

Made of high quality steel, the Pumper is both light and solid. The shaft comes with a light knurl, giving an excellent grip during workouts. 

Same patent

...Only tinier

  • nut
    No slipping weights

  • shield with checkmark icon
    Safer workout experience

  • collar lock to barbell icon
    No more additional clips

  • measurement
    Use any 25 mm weight plates