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Award-winning bars with built-in collars

What are
built-in collars?

Collars built into the bar. Now, you never have to look for unreliable, bendy, breaky, disappeary, external clips again. Instead, we made the “SlideLock". Lift, slide, lock. Simple!

Lift, Slide, Lock

This is how
the SlideLock


built-in collars?

SlideLocks provide the most efficient and user-friendly locking mechanism on the market. The minimalistic design, combined with the ingenuity of the mechanism inspires users to be active. We don’t just want a great workout tool. We want to create such a good experience, that you will want to come back and use it time, and time again. The way we achieve this is by creating a feel, a sound and a trust in a product and mechanism that simply becomes a joy to use.

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