Thor's choice
for hammer curls

Olympic loadable dumbbell with built-in collars
The Dumbler

Olympic loadable dumbbell with built-in collars. Sell your old, expensive, space-demanding dumbbell set. 

Garage gym reviews Garage gym reviews
«This will be the last adjustable dumbbell set you’ll ever have to buy.»
- Coop, Garage Gym Reviews
The Allrounder

20 kg Olympic barbell with built-in collars. High grade materials. Precision engineering.

Garage gym labs

9.2 / 10

"I love how this bar looks, how it performs, and how it stands out in a sea of traditional bars." - Adam, Garage Gym Lab
Gungnir of Norway


"The craftsmanship and innovation within this barbell are out of this world" - Jake, Garage Gym Experiment
Garage Gym review - The allrounder review

4.4 / 5

"The ease of use for this is incredible"- Coop, Garage Gym Reviews

A new breed
of barbells.

Lift. Slide. Lock.
What are SlideLocks?

Our very own patented built-in collars that secure your weights in 3 easy steps

Gungnir SlideLock
Gungnir SlideLock