collar-free gym

A collar-free gym is a setup in which traditional barbells and external collars are replaced with barbells with built-in collars, or “SlideLocks”

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Why a collar-free gym is so beneficial for you and your members

A safer gym through user-friendliness

Members secure their plates more often with the SlideLock. Results show a significant increase of 78% after four months of use.

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The Gungnir certified collar-free gym is equipped exclusively with Gungnir bars. Get exposure and public mentions, earn a stainless steel collar-free certification sign and become part of a global community.

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Customer case

Bannatyne Health Club & Spa

"We are not only embracing innovation but also taking a giant leap in elevating the overall member experience"

- Duncan Bannatyne

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Developed with athletes
Gungnir products are developed by and for the end user, in collaboration with crossfitters, weightlifters, powerlifters and average gym goers. 
Patented solution
Unique and patented design made in Norway. The only Olympic barbell with built-in collars.
Designed and made in Scandinavia
Meticulously built with precision engineering and carefully selected high grade materials.