The collar-free gym

No more clips, collars or clamps

What is a collar-free gym?

A collar-free gym is a setup in which traditional barbells and external collars are replaced with barbells with built-in collars, or “SlideLocks”. There are many reasons to have Gungnir bars in your gym. The built-in collars add a whole array of benefits for the staff and the gym members. Read more about collar-free gyms

Creating a safer gym

Members secure their plates more often with the SlideLock. Results from a case study show a significant increase of 75.9% and members report feeling safer

Effortless transition

Members quickly understand how it works. The SlideLock is intuitive and makes it easy for you to introduce your new Gungnir bars

Value for your members

Going collar-free improves the experience for your members. Here are the top three responses after using SlideLocks

Stories from gym owners & managers
Stories from gym owners & managers
«Having collar-free bars in our gym has made it so much easier for everyone. It’s tidier, my members love it and it’s just one less thing to think about. It' been a great success and it will be applied in our other gyms as well.»
— Anethe Toth, Gym Owner at OsloHelseStudio
Stories from gym owners & managers
«The product offers benefits like having fewer things lying around making a mess. It looks nice, is simple to use, and is easy to understand.»
— Henrik Ljungberg, Gym Owner at PP+
Stories from gym owners & managers
«I’ve been in the business since the 80’s and I’ve always been annoyed by clips and collars. The first thing I noticed when we took in the bars is that it helped us increase our professionality in terms of decreased clutter and increased safety.»
— Geir Arne Bjune, Owner of Spenst Lillehammer & Arena

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More user-friendly

Provides the user with the most efficient and user friendly locking mechanism on the market. It has never been easier or more addictive to secure weights. With only two fingers, it's done. Lift, Slide, Lock. 


People love a clean and tidy gym. The SlideLock being built in to the bar itself means you can keep your gym tidier with no more clips and collars lying around. That means no more picking them up, stepping on them or having them clutter up the place. 


SlideLocks make for a safer gym experience, thanks to its great accessibility. Users choose to utilize the SlideLock more frequently than regular collars. Keeping the user and their surroundings safe.


Clips and collars are unreliable. It's only a matter of time before you need to buy new ones, and that cost adds up over the years. Having built-in collars erases that from the equasion, so you don't have to worry about replacing collars on every bar in your gym. Ever. 

Design that stands out in a sea of regular bars

Gungnir bars have been awarded with the 2021 Red Dot design award, Garage Gym Reviews' most innovative barbell 2022, and the prestigious FIBO Innovation & Trend Award 2022, and the 2023 DOGA design award

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Developed with athletes
Gungnir products are developed by and for the end user, in collaboration with Crossfitters, Weightlifters, Powerlifters and average gym goers. 
Patented solution
Unique and patented design made in Norway. The only olympic barbell with built-in collars.
Designed and made in Scandinavia
Meticulously built with precision engineering and carefully selected high grade materials.