About us

What we do

At Gungnir of Norway, we are determined to deliver products that exude both simplicity and quality, so that we can give lifters the best workout experience possible. We dedicate our time and efforts to making our own bars and dumbbells using only the best materials and production methods while also adding our own touch to the design. Because we believe a product as simple as a bar can be a piece of art, and not only a tool for working out.

A collar-free world

We started in Oslo, Norway, as an idea for a better solution to a problem well known to many who use weightlifting equipment on a regular basis. And let's be real - not all gym equipment out there is as good as it could be. So we started working on a solution in 2018, ridding gyms of clips and collars one at a time. We aim to create a collar-free world one customer at a time and our determination to make our vision a reality grows for every happy customer we get.

The spear of Odin

“Gungnir” (pronounced “GUNG-neer”) originates from Norse mythology, and is the name of the spear that belongs to the god Odin. As you can expect for the weapon of a god, Gungnir is no ordinary spear –  much like our bars. We take pride in referencing a bit of history, while creating products that stand out among their peers.

Our green way

At Gungnir, we strive to create durable, high quality products. When we build our equipment to last, we contribute to less waste, less transport and quite simply a different mentality towards waste. When you often hear “Buy two, get three”, we say “buy one, and get three times the lifespan”. For that reason, we make products that require little maintenance, and we encourage our customers to take care of them throughout their lifetime. Care and respect for our surroundings and the things we use is key to minimize the impact we make on our home planet. This is the way.

Gungnir HQ

Stanseveien 18
0975, Oslo, Norway