Wellfit, the mega gym operator from Dubai, will officially be collar-free when they open their new facility in Dubai Marina with spectacular views this fall. This will make them the first collar-free gym in the Middle East.

Wellfit is Dubai's premier lifestyle destination with state-of-the-art facilities, which are open to people of all backgrounds and fitness levels. It is more than just a gym, as it fosters a vibrant community where members can connect, inspire, and support each other on their wellness journey. With a diverse range of classes, workshops, and events, Wellfit is committed to redefining the fitness experience.

This fall, Wellfit will open its new location in the Dubai Marina, and it's going to be incredible. Allrounder bars, CrossFit bars, curl bars, trap bars, and more will fill the gym with sliding locks, clicking sounds, and smiling faces.

We look forward to showing you how later this year!

May 24, 2024 — Audun Sand