Gungnir of Norway, a leading manufacturer of sustainable and innovative fitness equipment, has announced a new partnership with the Academy of Personal Training (AFPT Akademiet for personlig trening), the leading provider of personal training education in Scandinavia.

The two companies share a commitment to improving the health and wellness of individuals through superior gym experiences by educating the most competent personal trainers and by delivering innovative and user-friendly free weight equipment. AFPT has over 70 years of experience in the field of personal training education, while Gungnir of Norway was founded by, among others, personal trainers.

"We see a good match between our expertise, experience, and ambitions, and are convinced that the partnership will create synergies and increased value for our customers" - Audun Filip Sand, CMO, Gungnir of Norway.

As part of the partnership, Gungnir of Norway will leverage its free weight equipment expertise to support AFPT's mission of delivering the best personal trainer educational system, while AFPT will provide a platform for Gungnir of Norway to expand its hardware competence and reach.

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Espen Arntzen, CEO, AFPT


"We are excited to partner with Gungnir of Norway. Their expertise in sustainable fitness equipment will help us provide even more value to our customers, and their commitment to improving the health and wellness of individuals through sustainable practices aligns with our mission." - Espen Arntzen, CEO, AFPT.

The partnership between Gungnir of Norway and AFPT marks a significant step forward in the industry of personal training education and free weight equipment. With their shared values and complementary expertise, the two companies are poised to make a positive impact on the health and wellness of individuals throughout Scandinavia and beyond.

March 03, 2023 — Andreas Gundersen