Discover Feel 24, the fast-growing gym chain that is transforming fitness in northern Norway. Explore their collar-free gym and their commitment to lowering the threshold for physical activity.

Feel 24 is a fast-growing gym chain in northern Norway, with about 50 gyms and counting. As one of the 5 biggest chains in Norway, Feel 24 has become a popular choice for fitness enthusiasts who want an affordable and easily accessible gym to work out in. One of their goals is lowering the threshold for physical activity which we at Gungnir of Norway can stand behind - and actively promote through our collar-free gym concept.

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They have been equipped with Gungnir bars for about 2 years and every new gym opening is made collar-free. One of their newer gyms is located in Vadsø, in the far north of Norway, also happens to be collar-free.

The facility is all on one floor with an open and tidy space, and a variety of different equipment in clear sections throughout the area. The people of Vadsø are excited to finally have a professional gym like this in town, which will help them become more active and healthy.

The collar-free area and built-in collars on the bars allow members to easily and quickly change weights during their workout without having to stop and deal with collars. It makes the environment safer, tidier and offers a more user-friendly experience. Which makes a difference in a self-service gym like this one, where staff aren't always present. The Feel 24 gym in Vadsø is a great example of the their commitment to providing both esthetical but also functional spaces that meet the needs of its members.

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"As a personal trainer, the built-in collars on the bars are very convenient. Many clients had difficulty putting on the old locks themselves, but now anyone can easily secure the weights and stay safe." - Julie Blakstad, Personal trainer, Feel 24 Vadsø.

If you live in the north of Norway and are looking for a gym that's open 24/7 and has everything you need for a great workout, look no further than Feel 24.

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May 24, 2023 — Andreas Gundersen