Alongside our Norwegian distributor Fitness Brands Norway, Gungnir proudly presents the first of many collar-free gyms –PP+ Moss. 

Padle is becoming a popular global sport with an engaging presence, and the padel center in Moss, Norway is no exception. In addition to having a world-class padel court, the gym offers an equally well-equipped fitness area. And now that it’s become collar-free, keeping that area tidy while offering great lifting experiences is easier than ever.

"A collar-free gym means you have no external collars, clips, or clamps lying around in your gym. Instead, all the collars are built into the bars, creating a safer, tidier, and more user-friendly gym environment. Not to mention it’s more fun to use!" - Vin Rein, CSO, Gungnir of Norway

PP+ opened in August 2022 and Fitness Brands Norway helped them equip the area with gear made to create great experiences for their members. In this case, the combination of a certified Hammer Strength training center and Gungnir of Norway bars was the way to go. Best of both worlds? 

A total of eight Gungnir bars made their way to the gym, of which five Allrounder 20kg Olympic bars, two of Allrounder 15 kg Olympic bars, and one Curler Olympic curl bar. The owner had this to say after six months of usage: 

"The product offers benefits like having fewer things lying around making a mess. It looks nice, is simple to use, and is easy to understand." - Henrik Ljungberg, Gym Owner, PP+

No alt text provided for this imageThe Allrounder 20kg Olympic bar

The playful red lights, Swedish steel, and wooden details make for a unique boutique gym atmosphere. It’s something you only see occasionally, and if you are traveling to Moss, Norway, you should swing by and visit for a guaranteed great experience. Even if you only want to play padel, don’t miss out on checking out one of the world's first collar-free gyms.

No alt text provided for this imageThe Curler - Ez curl bar

May 24, 2023 — Andreas Gundersen