We are happy to announce that we are entering a partnership with Europe's largest retail store for fitness equipment, Sport-Tiedje Group.

The German enterprise has 68 physical stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Great Britain, and the Netherlands. Now, they are taking our patented barbells with built-in collars into their stores and the reasons are clear;

«Barbells have not been modified for decades, but Gungnir succeeded to come up with a completely new collar mechanism, which revolutionises the barbell market. The integrated collar system offers a maximum of safety and ensures, that the user never has to search for the collars and wastes time. Furthermor, design and quality are also outstanding which makes the product a must-have for everyone who wants to do serious weight training.» - Managing director, Sport-Tiedje Group , Sebastian Campmann,

In January 2023 you will be able to find Gungnir products in all 68 stores mentioned, which we are very excited about:

"Retail is a new investment area for us, and we look at this excitedly and positively as our growth in the first phase is largely assumed to depend on physical product exposure and testing" - Sales Manager, GUNGNIR® of Norway, Sindre Rein

The growing global interest shows that we are one step closer to our goal of becoming a new industry standard for barbells.

October 05, 2023 — Andreas Gundersen