Across Dubai, a growing number of gyms and renowned gym chains are wholeheartedly embracing Gungnir bars

From upscale fitness centers to local favorites, establishments such as Wellfit, Desert Barbell, and GymNation are amongst those who have joined the movement, recognizing the unparalleled benefits of collar-free bars.

In Dubai's dynamic fitness landscape, Wellfit caters to their members through customized workouts and classes, as well as world-class facilities and amenities. Desert Barbell offers a more specialized experience and is a market leader in strength training solutions, while GymNation has become synonymous with accessibility and affordability. With a strong emphasis on member safety and a diverse range of offerings, GymNation Dubai stands out as a comprehensive fitness destination. To stay innovative and ahead of the competition, the gym recently integrated collar-free bars from Gungnir, with excellent results.

"We've received nothing but good feedback from our members.” - Frank Afeaki, founder of GymNation

During our conversation with Frank Afeaki, the founder of GymNation, we gained insights into the core values that drive the gym's commitment to its members. Frank emphasized the importance of providing a safe environment and affordable membership options without compromising on quality. GymNation strives to be at the forefront of fitness trends, ensuring a well-rounded fitness experience for individuals of all levels.

The Allrounder 15 Olympic barbell - Gymnation

When asked about the gym's experience with Gungnir bars, Frank expressed satisfaction with the overwhelmingly positive feedback from members. The built-in collars have proven to be a practical solution, eliminating the need for constant clip replacements.

Frank mentioned, "We've received nothing but good feedback from our members. Built-in collars make a lot of sense, as we often had to replace clips. Our general manager, Grant Sharples, is particularly excited about the upcoming powerlifting bar from Gungnir."

As a gym owner, Frank prioritizes maintaining and updating both technological advancements and the well-being of the gym's team. The gym fosters a culture where everyone looks out for each other and shares in the success of the business.

"For us, maintaining and upkeeping both tech and people is a priority. Equally important is creating a positive culture where everyone feels valued. That's why we distribute profits among the team, promoting a sense of unity and motivation." – Frank, GymNation

Location: GymNation, Dubai

With GymNation Dubai embracing the collar-free bar revolution, members can enjoy a safer and more efficient workout experience. The integration of Gungnir bars not only aligns with the gym's commitment to member safety but also reinforces its position as a leading fitness community in the region.

The widespread adoption of Gungnir bars by high-end gyms in Dubai, including GymNation, Wellfit, and Desert Barbell, showcases their universal appeal and marks the beginning of a shift in the Middle east. This widespread embrace by renowned establishments in Dubai's competitive market demonstrates that Gungnir products are well-suited for a wide variety of fitness settings, signaling a significant shift in the industry.

May 23, 2023 — Andreas Gundersen