At Gungnir of Norway, we are on a mission to create weightlifting equipment that not only works out your muscles, but also your eco-friendly muscles. That's why we're proud to produce all our bars in Sweden, soon with solar-powered machining, and source all our steel in Europe.

We aim to produce durable, well-designed equipment that requires minimal maintenance, contributing to less waste, fewer transports, and a more sustainable mentality towards waste. As our CEO, Kristian Sommerfelt Kjelstad, states;

When you often hear “Buy two, get three”, we say “buy one, and get three times the lifespan”. - Kristian Sommerfelt Kjelstad, CEO, Gungnir of Norway

By manufacturing our equipment in Sweden, we are able to decrease transportation emissions and minimize our carbon footprint. Our producer also plans to implement solar power to run our machines later this year, ensuring a 100% clean energy mix in the production of our barbells.

Additionally, we are committed to sourcing our steel from European suppliers. Kristian Kjelstad, CEO of Gungnir of Norway, adds;

"As part of an industry where mass production, white labeling, and transportation around the globe is common, we are committed to being one of the few companies that contribute in a positive way, following the principles of Gungnir."

Our technology also has a secondary benefit of reducing the production of traditional clips, collars and clamps, often made of plastic.

Our green way
Photo: Rasmus Kongsøre


We understand the importance of contributing to a healthy environment and working with human health. Our commitment to both the environmental and social aspect of ESG is reflected in the way we design and produce our fitness equipment, which is both built to last and ergonomic, safe, and accessible, promoting a healthy lifestyle and well-being for all.

We are determined to deliver products that exude both simplicity and quality and contribute to a better world. We believe that by choosing Gungnir of Norway, our customers can be confident knowing they are supporting a company committed to positively impacting the environment and making a difference, one gym at a time.

February 21, 2023 — Andreas Gundersen