Production and manufacturing is an ever-changing field. Companies are constantly looking for new ways to improve their processes, to deliver the best product at the most competitive price. One of the methods of doing so is adapting and implementing state of the art machinery and production methods. As a result, and in some cases, you'll notice that companies are able to offer better prices to their customers, while still maintaining the right quality. Which is something we, at Gungnir of Norway, actively pursue.

We use advanced CNC machines which are used in precision-engineering and manufacturing, and injection molding machines which allow for faster production. The last few years’ advancement in this technology have led to more accurate measurements, higher quality products, and faster production times - all while reducing costs. These are just some of the ways that better processes in production and manufacturing have improved our company's ability to offer better prices to customers.

Precision engineered and made with high quality materials.

How CNC machines are used to make our products

CNC machines, or Computer Numerically Controlled machines, are used in steel manufacturing to produce prototypes. These machines are a type of computerized numerical control that can operate on a product without human interaction. 

In other words, it's a machine that cuts material according to instructions from the computer. CNC machines are programmed with CAD software, which is used to guide the way the machine should cut the material.

The key to CNC machining is how accurate it is - this process produces prototypes and parts with great accuracy and quality. This type of machining has been used in plastics and metals manufacturing for years because it can make quick work of even the largest products. This allows companies to produce very precise and specific parts efficiently and accurately, making it easier to scale and offer a wide array of products. 

The inclusion of robotics

Nothing says "modern solutions" like using robotics to adapt ourselves to the future of manufacturing. You might think it's a scary thought, but robots can be beneficial in many ways. In our case, they help us deliver products with an incredible consistency in quality, while being extremely efficient. 

Robots also protect workers from repetitive, mundane and dangerous tasks, while also creating more desirable jobs, such as engineering, programming, management and equipment maintenance. 


At Gungnir, we actively pursue ways to improve ourselves so that we may offer great products to as many people as possible. Setting up a production facility using new machinery and production methods is a continuous process. With time and effort, we find new ways of improving these methods and solving both simple and difficult tasks more efficiently and sustainably. That way, we are able to offer better prices to our customers. Like we were able to do this year. 

January 22, 2022 — Andreas Gundersen