What exactly is inside The Allrounder bar?

The design of the bar is no coincidence. We have worked day and night for the last three years and gone through countless iterations and failures to end up with the design we have today. Through extensive tests both in gyms and in drop testing jigs, we have experimented with dozens of different materials for the SlideLocks, shaft finishes, sleeve coatings and steel variations. Not to mention going through the incredibly difficult process of finding the right sub-suppliers for the different custom parts.

All of this to develop what has become the extremely solid and long-lasting solution that we are proud to present to you; the weightlifter, the crossfitter, the garagegymmer, or even the hobby-lifter. Here is a summary of the main components that make this bar special.


Machined sleeves

Gungnir Allrounder

Along with the Slidelock, the sleeves on The Allrounder are our not-so-secret sauce. What is perhaps more secret is the material we are using. The steel is a carefully selected high-strength steel that is both tough and ductile all at once, allowing the grooves to be strong enough not to chip off when subjected to high impact. The high-end steel has been machined by advanced state-of-the-art CNC-machines that along with a skilled operator gives a high precision sleeve with a tight fit for maximum resistance against slamming and wear. We have coated our sleeves with chemically applied nickel, this coating is special in its hardness and adhesion properties, and yields an even coat thickness on the sleeves that will last for a long period of time, even when it gets worn.

The SlideLock

Gungnir SlideLock

Our SlideLock is made of grade 5 titanium. This is an incredibly strong and tough titanium often used in aerospace and racecars. A powerful neodymium magnet in the center helps it stay in place even when subjected to drops and slams. We tested the locks extensively in a drop-testing machine that simulates the varieties of thousands of real life drops. In these tests, we dropped the bar at heights of 1.6m loaded with 320kg of plates, and at 2.2m with 90kg. In addition, the lock’s tooth strength was tested in a hydraulic press where the lock endured a vertical pressure of up to 15.000kg, while staying perfectly intact. 

The shaft

Gungnir Allrounder

The material we have selected for the shaft is a high-quality steel with a load capacity of more than 650kg and a tensile strength of 216k psi. The shaft is coated in Sweden with real hard chrome, which is often used for high quality pistons in the oil and gas industry. Hard chrome is well known for its excellent abrasion resistance due to the extremely high hardness and excellent corrosion resistance. The whip of the bar is like all other bars with the same diameter and plate setup. Meaning if you are used to a 28mm grip, The Allrounder will give you very close to the same whip
Gungnir Allrounder

Built with precision

A high-end bar with
a high-end design.


The knurl

Gungnir Allrounder knurl

The knurl has been carefully balanced to fit both high rep workouts and heavy lifting. The center knurl has been made a bit milder so that squats or cleans still are doable. To give an enhanced micro-level grip, the hard chrome has been made with a satin finish, giving a completely unique almost cool blue gray look to the shaft. The combination of the medium knurl and micro-roughness from the finish has been described by many professional athletes as giving a “good grip that gives the feeling of being already chalked up”.


Gungnir Allrounder bushing

We have given alot of thought into the selection of The Allrounder’s bearing system. We wanted to make a bar that requires little maintenance while also having a long lifetime. For that, a bronze high-quality bushing was the way to go. Our wrapped bronze bushings also contain diamond shaped pockets that we fill with grease. The pockets act as reservoirs to progressively release lubricant during use. Allowing the maintenance needs to come with longer intervals and at the same time lowering the start-friction in a lift while also giving a smooth stop, which is critical for weightlifting.


Gungnir Allrounder lubrication

There is grease, and there is proper grease. After lots of testing, we found that the best one for The Allrounder was the MoS2. This particular type is a combination of dry and wet lubrication. The MoS2 particles act as a dry micro barrier on top of the metals with low friction while the wet part of the grease allows for an even distribution and hold in the bushing pockets. The grease is very viscous (sticky) which makes sure that it stays in place for a long time. This, however,  affects the sustainability of the spin without having any effect on performance or in use.

 Gungnir of Norway

Made with
passion and care
in Norway.


February 23, 2021 — Andreas Gundersen