Have you asked yourself that? We did too. So here's what makes our products so special. First off, and to answer the question: it actually has been thought of before. Just not in a simple enough way to make it easy to use, safe, or reasonably cost-effective.If you were to ask our designer and co-founder Markus Hansen about how he approaches the design-making process, he'd probably give a passionate lecture - so here's the short version:

"A carefully developed understanding of the core problem combined with an open-minded approach to solution can achieve the most wonderful designs."

That's how the SlideLock was born and boy, did people love it. Which is why we made sure to patent the design. And so, to keep making improvements to the design, we kept talking to our users and customers, asking them how we could make the product even better.

Why built-in collars? I'm willing to bet you've been using clips or collars at least once in your life. And it might not always lead to a bad experience, but hear me out. Over time, you might experience having a hard time putting them on and taking them off, finding them broken or bent, or not finding them at all. And that's before having them slide away mid-set.

"That sounds unreliable and wasteful" you might say. And we'd agree! So we just went ahead and built collars into the bar. It's not there just to look cool or to be easy to use, it's also there to rid you of all the small annoyances related to using external collars, so you can focus on what's important - having a great workout experience!
October 26, 2021 — Andreas Gundersen