The Allrounder - 20kg Olympic barbell
The Allrounder - 20kg Olympic barbell
The Allrounder - 20kg Olympic barbell

The Allrounder - 20kg Olympic barbell

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The Gungnir flagship 20KG Allrounder Olympic bar with built-in collars. The SlideLock™ technology makes for a safer, tidier and more user-friendly weight lifting experience. Tested for performance, The Allrounder is a highly durable and solid bar suitable for all uses.

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Customer Reviews

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Best Alllrounder Addition to our Home Gym!

Since the first day this barbell has arrived in our home gym, we have been absolutely loving it. Upon unpacking, the first thing i've notived was, that the finish looks absolutely beautiful and high quality. We have been testing it thoroughly now and I haven't found a single issue with it. The built in collars hold up amazingly and nothing moves. They're quick to adjust and there is no more looking around for collars, tripping over them or having to readjust after every set. No matter if we did Weightlifting, Barbell Cycling, Deadlifting or Bench Pressing, the collars worked perfectly every time. The Barbell feels great! I am beyond happy about this purchase and would highly reccommend! On top of it, the contact and customer service have been quick and very friendly.

Loving it !

Been 1 month with a continuous usage of ” The Allrounder Gungnir 20kgs barbell” with more than 10 hours per week of usage. Very stable the grips are holding no matter if the drop was from the overhead or clean or a deadlift. Very fast transitions in workouts. Loving it ! Must say go easy on cleaning it with alcohol the barbell doesn’t like it. Highly recommended

A completely different experience

I’m lucky (and unlucky) enough to have tried The Allrounder multiple times now, and has definitely ruined other barbells for me.
What differentiates todays cheap barbells from the expensive ones is often a series of incremental improvements that is – let’s face it – in many cases only recognisable to the most elite lifters. To me, an amateur/intermediate lifter, The Allrounder offers the quality of a top bar, but more importantly, something truly new and exciting with the Slidelock.

Gungnir of Norway Gungnir of Norway
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The Allrounder

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Allrounder

The Allrounder is an Olympic multipurpose barbell.

LIFT the Slidelock up by grabbing it on each side with your fingertips, SLIDE it up to the weight plates, LOCK by simply dropping the SlideLock.

Yes, all weight plates with a 50 mm diameter center will fit the barbell. There may be variations in thickness on different kinds of weightplates which at most will create a 4 mm gap between the SlideLock and the weight plate.

The SlideLock system is a patent pending invention.

Yes, the bar has been tested for all kinds of drops in correct conditions, with bumper plates and rubber flooring. We have done high repetition systematic testing in a rig with drops from 2 and 1.6 meters high with 90kg and 320kg respectively.

The SlideLock is made out of titanium. A powerful neodymium magnet inside the SlideLock attracts it to the bar.

Medium knurl with a mild center knurl.

Gungnir will warranty The Allrounder from defects in material, functionality and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. Check out “warranty” section for more information**.

216K PSI tensile strength.

USA and Norway​

Shaft coating: Satin hard chrome
Sleeve coating: Electroless nickel deposit 

20 kg collars included

Technical specs

Bar Use Multipurpose
Weight 20 kg
SlideLocks Titanium
Bar Length 220 cm
Loadable Sleeve Length 415 mm
Knurl Medium
Center Knurl Mild
Knurl Mark Dual
Shaft Coating Satin hard chrome
Sleeve Coating Electroless nickel deposit
SlideLock Coating No coating
Bushing/Bearing Bronze Bushing
Tensile Strength 216KPSI
Whip Classic
Shaft diameter 28 mm
Maximum load 680 kg
Guarantee/Warranty Lifetime warranty*

* Gungnir will warranty this product from defects in material, functionality and workmanship for the lifetime of the product.