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The Dumbler - Olympic loadable dumbbell PAIR
The Dumbler - Olympic loadable dumbbell PAIR
The Dumbler - Olympic loadable dumbbell PAIR
The Dumbler - Olympic loadable dumbbell PAIR
The Dumbler - Olympic loadable dumbbell PAIR

The Dumbler - Olympic loadable dumbbell PAIR

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The world’s first Olympic loadable dumbbell with built-in collars. Giving you a full set of dumbbells in a single pair, combined with the safety and simplicity of the SlideLock. Game changing safety, ease of use and durability on a loadable dumbbell. No more space-demanding dumbbell sets or unreliable and slipping clips, collars or clamps.

Weights not included in purchase. 

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Gear specs

Dumbbell type Loadable
Slidelocks Titanium
Compatible plates Olympic weight plates
Sleeve diameter 50 mm / 2"
Sleeve length 160 mm / 6.25"
Loadable sleeve length 108 mm / 4.25"
Length 468 mm / 18.42"
Weight 5.5 kg / 12 lbs.
Grip length 130 mm / 5.11"
Grip diameter 28 mm / 1.1"
Knurl Medium to aggressive
Maximum load 120kg (264 lbs)*
Handle coating Stainless steel
Sleeve coating Electroless nickel
Bushing/Bearing  Bronze bushing
* Depending on the type of exercise performed the diameter of the plates used with the dumbbell may affect the practical use. For a great user experience in most exercises a plate diameter of up to 250mm / 10 Inches are recommended.

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Dumbler Olympic Dumbbell
dumbler review
«This will be the last adjustable dumbbell set you’ll ever have to buy.»

- Coop, Garage Gym Reviews



Lift in full confidence knowing that the weights won't budge.

Want to know something that sucks? 

Having steel plates slide down on your head while doing something like an overhead triceps press. Want to know what's even worse? Working out with a fear of that happening.

The Dumbler - Olympic Loadable Dumbbell The Dumbler - Olympic Loadable Dumbbell
Light to heavy to light in a heartbeat.
Perfect for supersets, dropsets or partner workouts
Who wants to deal with four loose pieces of equipment?

Fast, easy, and rock solid built-in collars. Get rid of your loose clips once and for all.

So what do you get? Your Olympic bar's better half

Home gyms

Use your pre-owned Olympic plates, straight from your bar to your dumbbell

Save tons of space by having one pair of dumbbells instead of a full set of fixed dumbbells

Work out with confidence that your plates will never slide off and cause potential injury

Optimize your workout with faster supersets, dropsets and light-to-heavy exercises

Lift heavier and with more robust weights than adjustable dumbbells

Perfect for microloading

Commercial gyms

Give your customers the option to go as heavy as they want with dumbbells, without having to invest in sets of bigger fixed dumbbels that rarely get used

Rest assured that plates will never slide off your loadbables and cause potential injury

Save space and make room for other vital equipment

Save money on expensive heavy fixed dumbbells

No extra collar cost from missing or broken collars

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of all the countries and their VAT rates. Some duties may apply (except Norway and USA).

No, the grooves are sand-blasted and smoothed over to make sure the edges aren’t too sharp, and to avoid damages or injuries.

Yes, however, only from knee height and on rubber flooring. Please be careful when dropping them, they might bounce and hurt you.

Yes, the dumbbell is great to use in all types of Olympic lifts.

You can use 50mm Olympic standard weights

Yes, that can occur, but it will not affect the user experience. Normal collars will usually slide or move during the exercise, while the SlideLock won’t budge, keeping you safe all through the workout.

The Dumbler is sold in pairs. Should wish to only purchase a single dumbbell, please contact us and we will be glad to help.

Yes, the sleeves come with bronze bushings, giving a reliable spin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Chris Tye
Fantastic purchase

I pre-ordered my pair back in spring, and when they arrived they still somehow exceeded my expectations. The quality is incredible! Aside from the obvious convenience of the magnetic collar system, there are many other reasons to want these.

The machining all around is flawless. I expected at least tiny imperfections somewhere, but there's nothing, not even a tiny one. By far the highest quality machining I've seen from a product so far.

My favorite part of these is actually the knurling. It is slightly passive I would say, and feels great in the hand. If you've ever held a barbell or dumbbell with low quality knurling, you'll know how big of a difference it can make.

The one criticism I have is probably the same one many people have, and that is that there's always going to be some slack between the collars and plates. It isn't a big deal, which is why I'm still more than happy to give this 5 stars, but it's noticeable, so it may turn some off of this product. Perhaps Gungnir may decide to put out their own machined weights that would fit perfectly, but until then it's going to be something you accept when you buy these.

Thanks Andreas, you told me the quality would be fantastic, but you undersold it. These are so great!

Jesse Angihan

The Dumbler - Olympic loadable dumbbell PAIR

Andrin Schnydrig

The Dumbler - Olympic loadable dumbbell PAIR